Monday, March 9, 2015

3D scanning

One of the challenges of 3D printing is creating designs to print. The CAD software typically used by engineers to develop 3D designs is often difficult for non-professionals to use.

There is an easier way to capture 3D images using a 3D scanner. The iSense from Cubify is one of these. 

It attaches to your iPad and provides for 3D scanning of real world objects. It uses multiple cameras to capture 3D images of people, objects, etc. Since it can sense distance, it can isolate your subject from complex backgrounds.

It’s designed to integrate with Cubify 3D printers so going from image capture to printing can be done in a few minutes. It’s not cheap at $500 (about the same price as a cheap 3D printer) but it could save time digitizing physical objects for replication.

As 3D image capture takes off, expect additional enhancements improving the image-to-print process.

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