Monday, March 16, 2015

New battery technology

It seems like there are announcements every month about some new, more efficient battery technology on the horizon (...the 5 year horizon…)

Last week, Dyson, the vacuum cleaner company, announced their support ($15M worth) for a battery by start-up, Sakti3, that may be able to shrink that horizon.

They're working on a lithium ion battery that lasts twice as long as the current li-ion batteries. Dyson is interested in the technology for a cordless vacuum, but the battery could also be used in automotive applications. A challenge with solar technology is efficient storage technology, to store electricity during peak production hours. This technology could be used there as well.

One of the innovative techniques that Sakti3 uses is to use standard manufacturing equipment – instead of specialized lab tools – for their prototypes.

This could be the-next-big-thing...
Ann Marie Sastry, CEO, Sakti3

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