Monday, April 6, 2015

Remote power option

Here’s an interesting technology for powering remote devices. 

One of the problems with battery powered gear is that the batteries must be periodically replaced or recharged. And for portable operation, batteries are heavy. In remote locations, it’s also difficult or expensive to run power lines. An alternative might be a propane powered generator. 

Developed for the military by Ultra Electronics, the duffle-bag sized 350-watt propane generator pictured below can replace 300 lbs of replaceable batteries with an 11 lb generator and a 20 lb propane tank. Obviously, the larger the propane tank, the longer it will run.

These portable generators and fuel cells might be just the thing for remote power generation. They’re very quiet, can produce a lot of power and propane is much safer than gasoline for this kind of application. They only have to be revisited periodically to replace the propane tank.

There are obvious alternatives: solar panels, windmills, etc. But I think there’s a niche for this kind of product too. 

Does your business have need of portable power generation for those hard to reach places?

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