Friday, October 9, 2015

Amazon announces Internet of Things services platform

​Internet of Things devices face some challenges:

  • They need to connect with other IoT devices or services, securely routing messages
  • Systems need to make decisions based on inputs from these devices 
  • They need to be protected – from hackers and accidental abuse
  • You need some way to inventory and manage devices and associate them with people, things and locations

This week Amazon announced its IoT platform/service for AWS that provides:

  • A Device Gateway to handle communications with devices
  • A Registry that keeps track of where devices are, what they do and their current state
  • A Rules engine that handles secure message routing, filtering, etc.
  • Interfaces to backend AWS services like databases, storage, compute and their new Lambda microservice processing engine.

As with their pricing on other products there's no minimum cost – they offer a free tier of 250,000 messages delivered/routed per month and $5 per million messages above that (a message is a 512-byte block.)

I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more from Amazon in the IoT space – they're a huge player in virtually every other computing space…

This could be big.

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