Monday, October 5, 2015

New Google tablet - Pixel C

When it comes to laptops and the like, Google is not known for inexpensive hardware. The Pixel and Pixel 2 are very sturdy and high performance Chromebooks, but they're way too expensive.

Now Google's come out with a new tablet, confusingly called the Pixel C ("C" for convertible.) When it goes on sale in later this year it will cost $499 for a 32GB storage and 3GB of RAM, 10" tablet with a magnetically attachable keyboard (an additional $150.) It's got a microphone array that works for Google voice search from anywhere in the room, stereo speakers, 10 hour battery life and a USB Type-C port for fast charging. The keyboard charges from the tablet using an induction charger (no wires to the keyboard for charging.)

And, for those of you that currently use an Android phone, it runs the familiar Android operating system --  the new "Marshmallow" version. It should be available in time for the holidays.

I'm an Apple guy, and I very seldom use a keyboard with my iPad - I usually just use a Mac or a Chromebook with Google Apps when I need to type anything substantial. But, if you're looking for a replacement for your old Android tablet and don't mind spending a little extra cash, this will likely be a very beefy, sturdy tablet.

Is this on your holiday shopping list? Or are you looking at the iPad Pro?

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