Monday, November 30, 2015

Home power monitoring

Here's an interesting device for monitoring power in your home. It's called Sense ( 

You have the device installed in your electric panel and connect it to your home WiFi. It "listens" for the electrical signatures of devices as they turn on and off and monitors how much power they each use. It can produce a monthly report of power usage by device.

In order to differentiate devices, Sense compares the signatures to a database  of home appliances they've compiled. They're working on a "Teach Me" feature that lets you train it to recognize other devices.

While it is a consumer product, you really should have a qualified electrician install it since you're dealing with lethal voltages/currents…

The application is currently iOS-only but they say an Android version is in the works. Shipping next week, a preorder is available at $199 (it looks like their retail price will be $299.)

It's another piece of the home automation and monitoring phase of the Internet of Things.

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