Friday, November 13, 2015

Windows 10 update

Yesterday, Microsoft released the first "big" update to Windows 10. Here are the highlights:

  • Performance improvements (boot time is 30% faster than Windows 7)
  • Cortana can now recognize your handwriting and track your events – like a real assistant
  • Cortana can also point you to coupons while you're shopping on-line
  • Cortana can send texts via your Windows phone (in preview.)
  • Edge is faster. It syncs your passwords and favorites across your Windows 10 devices
  • You can now send video from Edge to Miracast or DLNA devices (like Chromecast and Roku)
  • App updates to OneNote, Calendar, Mail, Photos, Store and a few others
  • There's a new messaging app (in preview) that allows replies in notifications.
  • Nested virtualization – I'm sure someone, somewhere has a need for this…
  • Swipe switching, swipe down to close are back
  • Better RAM usage (W10 compresses unused pages instead of swapping them to disk)
  • Speed Shift (with Skylake processors) – improves responsiveness and battery use

I don't use Windows 10 daily, but I do have one device that gets updated with each preview release. Are you a regular Windows 10 user? What are your impressions?

Microsoft announces this kind of thing on their blog – here's yesterday's.

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