Monday, May 16, 2016

Not losing your Apple Pencil

Finally, I'm able to use a stylus with an iPad - it's the Apple Pencil and it works great. I had tried a number of active and passive stylii on previous iPads, but kept going back to paper - until now: I've almost weaned myself completely from pen and paper. It really works well (really well!)

There are some problems with the Apple Pencil. It's expensive ($100), it only works with an iPad Pro (which are also expensive), it has a power adapter that is prone to leave your Apple Pencil if you leave it attached - apparently Apple didn't consider this possibility as they don't provide replacements (TechMatte sells a M-USB to F-Lightning cable for $10, though.) Finally, Apple doesn't provide even a clip to secure your Pencil to anything, and it rolls quite well - perhaps off your table and into an air handling vent...

But, there's an ingenious fix for this last one. It's a cover that your Apple Pencil slips into that has a magnet. This magnet affixes the pencil quite firmly to your cover or directly to the iPad so that you can carry it around. 

It works great, comes in several colors and costs about $17, available at

I could probably make my own with a magnet and some heat-shrink tubing, but I don't think I could make one anywhere near as neat looking.

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