Monday, August 3, 2015

Cortana button

If you’ve used Windows 10, you’ve probably played with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. You can configure Cortana to continuously listen to for “Hey, Cortana”, but that may decrease battery life. It may also mis-hear casual conversation as a command.

Satechi has a Bluetooth button alternative that allows you to open Cortana without having to open the app on your phone or computer.

For example, say you have a door lock connected to Cortana, you could keep the button on your keychain and simply push it to ask Cortana to open the door - without pulling out your phone from your pocket or briefcase to start Cortana.

It’s a simple button, but it provides for easy connectivity to your digital assistant. It runs on a CR2016 battery for up to 2 years. And will be available in August for $23 from Amazon and They also make Bluetooth "shutter" and "media control" buttons.

As this technology gets cheaper expect to see more of these single use devices popping up. 

What do you think? Are these types of devices technology looking for a problem? Are there legitimate business uses that you can think of for such a device?

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