Friday, August 21, 2015

Managing wait times with Bluetooth and WiFi

Here’s an interesting technology that has been introduced at JFK airport in New York. It uses Blip's phone tracking system to predict wait times for security, customs, baggage lines, and taxis.

It can’t actually tell anything about you from your phone, so it’s less creepy than it sounds. It listens for Bluetooth and WiFi signals and keeps track of your phone’s MAC address as you travel through the airport. It measures dwell time at particular points in the airport and turns these into wait time predictions. 

I expect that as this technology matures it could also be used in malls, movie theatres, theme parks and other retail shopping venues to predict wait times or to track traffic pattern changes in response to marketing programs. It could also manage entrance and egress crowds at large sporting events or maybe even Burning Man!

Here’s a link for more information:​

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