Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Faster airplane Internet coming from Gogo

I don't often buy  Internet service on planes – I don't travel that much and when I do I usually use the time to read and sleep. But if you are one of those continuously-connected people, there's good news from airline Internet provider GoGo

They just got FAA approval to launch their new service that could yield 70 Mbps downloads later this year in the US.

The new service uses satellites to transmit and receive Internet signals to and from the plane. Till now, flights used terrestrial systems to feed Internet signals to and from planes (at much lower speeds - and not useful for international over-the-ocean flights.) 

They've got some US customers already signed up for the new service in 2015 and are looking to upgrade most of the rest in 2016. Here is a link with more details. 

This could be particularly useful on that long DTW/PVG coach flight!

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