Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mac "El Capitan" highlights

The newest Mac OS should be available for everyone Sept. 30. I’ve been running a beta release for a few days and it seems stable. Here’s a link to the Apple site that details the features I’ve bulletized, below. 

OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” highlights:
- Performance: it seems much snappier (faster to open apps, switch between apps)
- Split View (quickly size two windows for side-by-side use.)
- Mission Control enhancements (easier desktop management)
- “Shake” your cursor to find it (magnifies cursor)
- Spotlight is more capable (natural language search - kind of like Windows Cortana…)
- Mail client enhancements (I don’t use Mac Mail, so these didn’t mean much to me.)
- Notes app enhancements (works with iCloud on all your devices)
- Third party Photo editing tools for use in Photos app.
- Pinned websites in Safari (I’m a Chrome user…)
- Ability to play videos from web pages to AirPlay on Apple TV
- Mute one or all tabs
- Maps enhancements (I use Google Maps)
- Language enhancements for Chinese and Japanese

Some useful features, but nothing I couldn’t do without… How about you?

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