Friday, September 11, 2015

New productivity tool - from Microsoft!

We’re used to seeing big announcements from Microsoft regarding their big tools (Windows 10, Office 365, etc.) Sometimes there are interesting announcements regarding smaller productivity tools as well.

One of these is the new “Snip” tool (different from the similarly named “Snipping Tool.”.) With it you can capture screen images annotate them and even create short videos – great for simple how-to’s. It’s similar to Screencast and SnagIt, but it’s free.

Snip was developed by the folks at Microsoft Garage, a program similar to Google’s 20% program. Employees work on these projects in their spare time, because they’re interested in the technology, not because it’s in their job description.

Are you working on interesting technology outside of your current job description? Want to share it? Drop me a note!

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