Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another cheap little computer - this one is pretty fast.

Arduino, Beagle Board, Raspberry Pi, C.H.I.P, and now Pine.

The race to the bottom of the price curve continues with Pine, a high-performance computer-on-a-board. It's about the size of a Raspberry Pi, has a 4 core, 64-bit, 1.2Ghz ARM processor, 1 GB RAM, HDMI (with a dual-core GPU), Ethernet, 2 USB ports and plenty of I/O. (You'll need to add a keyboard, mouse, USB WiFi, an HDMI monitor and micro-SD card for storage.)

And it will cost $19 ($15 for a less capable model.)

These boards will run Android and Linux and should be fast little controllers – great for Internet of Everything devices.

They're on Kickstarter now (about $1M pledged on a $31K goal with 10 days left.) They're planning to ship in the spring.


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