Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CES - this week

The Consumer Electronics Show is on this week in Las Vegas - and I'm not going. My job responsibilities have changed and my company is sending someone else.

However, I pay attention to coverage of the event and I'll be publishing info on interesting tech I see - so you don't have to wade through a big pile of stuff coming out of the event to get to the interesting parts!

Some of the tech scheduled to be shown:

  • HDR TV's and monitors (High Dynamic Range - brighter brights, darker blacks.)
  • Drones, and more drones (some with fuel-cells for longer flights.)
  • Virtual reality - actual products.
  • More consumer robotics
  • Lots of cars (lot of buzz about Faraday Future)
  • Wearables (Fitbit promises a "big announcement" at CES)

Stay tuned!

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