Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Screen recording in Chrome

​If you need to record a Chrome browser session, check out Screencastify. There are lots of ways to do screen capture videos, but if you're just recording a chrome session, this might be the ticket.

Screencastify is a Chrome extension that allows you to record a chrome session with audio, or record directly from your camera so you can talk to your audience as you do the demo. There are some highlighting tools as well. You can save the recording to your local drive or Google Drive. Pretty slick.

The free version only allows 10 minute recording and puts the company's watermark on the recording – there's an upgrade that removes the watermark and gives you some editing tools (for a one time fee of 20€ for access all your devices that use your Google account.) It records in .webm format, so if you need something else you'll need a video converter.

Check it out in the Chrome store.

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