Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Help for Apple users: RTM

Like most of you, when I have a problem or question regarding just about anything, I typically consult Google. If I can't find the answer there, I might visit a manufacturer website or forum.

But the "manual" method also works... 

This may seem obvious, but you might consider reading the manual... Apple has great documentation if you're willing to take the time to read it. 

Browse to http://support.apple.com/manuals and you'll find user guides for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Apple TV and iPods.

It seems odd, but, I've never felt I had to read an Apple manual before - but these are actually pretty good.

Speaking of manuals, here's an example of the kind of thing that those of us working with poorly translated manuals of the last century had to deal with:

"We sincerely expect that the PRINTER CI-600 will be appreciated more than ever, in the fields of 'data-transformation' by means of human-scale, and the subsequent result of 'fluent metabolism' as regards the artificial mammoth creature-systematized information within the up-to-date human society."

Thank God for fluent metabolism...

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