Thursday, November 29, 2012

What is that thing?

Obviously, it's  a "Digital to Analog Audio Converter".  

OK, so what is it good for?

Normally you would connect your Apple TV to an HDMI capable monitor. Assuming the monitor has speakers or or is connected to your stereo, you could then hear the audio being provided by the Apple TV program.

If not - say you're using an HDMI to VGA converter/adapter to connect your Apple TV to an older VGA monitor - you'll need some way to extract the audio and send it to your stereo.  The newer Apple TV's don't have the heretofore ubiquitous 1/8" audio jack, so...

That's where the handy device, below, comes in.  This one came from Amazon and cost less than $15.  Paired with an optical audio cable, it converts the digital audio from the Apple TV to analog audio that you can plug into your sound system.   

Voila: analog audio output from an Apple TV.  Pretty cool.

As the cost of consumer electronics continues it's downward slide, hobbyists and electronics buffs will have increasing access to this stuff, cheap.  

If you can think it, you can do it.

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