Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Handy (but expensive) charger

CES was just packed with mobile device peripherals, cases, chargers, etc. - lots of fashion/lifestyle centric add-ons. Honestly, I think 1/4 of one of the halls was just smartphone cases.

Hidden among these were also some other gems, like the Zolt MacBook/smartphone/tablet charger.

One of the problems with the MacBook charger is that it's huge. Another is that it uses a proprietary connector and can't be used for anything else. It's also rather heavy.

The Zolt, shown at this year's CES, is a tiny (3" X 1.3" X 1.3") charger that has 3 USB slots. For $130 ($100 for the charger, $30 more for the MacBook cable) it will power your MacBook Air (not the 15", 17" or Retina MacBooks) up to 70 watts. It will also charge your phone and tablet.

They're available this spring, but they're offering them now at $79 for pre-order. https://www.gozolt.com/

The Zolt is similar to the new Dart charger - which is really designed more for the typical laptop rather than a Mac (the Mac version is $80 more!) - but it doesn't have USB slots for charging other devices.

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