Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nest update from CES

For some time Nest has been integrated with external operation/coordination tool IFTTT – handy for detecting and responding to events and allowing it to control the Nest, but new partnerships mean that integration with these suppliers is direct (not requiring IFTTT.)

At CES this year a number of companies were touting their "Works with Nest" capabilities:

  • Whirlpool washers and dryers can use Nest to tell when you're home so they can switch to quiet mode (and notify you when it's done.)
  • Ooma phone service can tell you're not at home and can forward calls when you leave.
  • Philips Hue can listen to your Nest and when the CO or smoke detector go off it can flash the lights.
  • Qwikset and August Smart locks can set your Nest to "home" when you unlock them and "away" when you lock them.
  • Dropcam can record when your smoke alarm is activated.
  • Chargepoint car chargers can learn from your Nest when energy is in high demand and wait to charge your car.
  • Your car can tell your Nest you're on your way home so it can adjust the heating/cooling.
As more and more devices are connected, there are limitless possibilities.

What kind of smart home integration would you like to see? Are there opportunities for smarthome technology in your business? What are the challenges?

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