Thursday, January 15, 2015

Intel Curie microcontroller

At CES, Intel also announced the "Curie" module. It's a small computer designed for wearables, about the size of a shirt button.

Here are some of the specs:

Low-power 32bit Intel Quark microcontroller
384KB flash memory, 80KB SRAM
Integrated DSP sensor hub with accelerometer and gyro
Bluetooth low energy
Charging circuitry

It will likely be powered by a watch battery and used in sports devices, sensors and trackers. No news on pricing, but I suspect it'll be pretty cheap. Availability 2H15.

They announced their Edison product last year at this time – it's about the size of an SD card. Edison made its way into drones and robots when it was released last summer.

As processors continue to miniaturize and get cheaper, expect to see these things in more and more consumer products.

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