Friday, January 16, 2015

Who's home?

The NetAtmo Welcome camera, shown last week at CES, recognizes the faces of people in your home and can record (or not) what it sees, based on who it sees.

If it sees someone it doesn’t recognize it can send you a picture and/or record video. In addition to providing some home security, it can tell you who’s home at any time. You can also view a live feed from the camera. It records in HD with a 130-degree field of view – in addition to the live feed, it can also record to a microSD.

Should be available Q2, but I haven't seen any pricing info yet (though I suspect it will be about $200 to be competitive.)

There were a lot of Internet of Things devices dedicated to home control and security at CES. Unfortunately, there are still too many ways to control them - most of them incompatible. So, for example, the app that controls your lights is different from the app that controls your thermostat. There are several proposed standards, but I think it will be some time before they can all work together seamlessly.

Check out the NetAtmo Welcome site for more info: 

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