Monday, June 22, 2015

Another digital "pen" for capturing notes.

I often take notes on my iPad using a stylus. I've tried so-called "active" styluses, but they're a little slow and I end up having to correct a lot. Even so, I still often take a paper tablet with me to meetings to take notes, then I take a picture of it for storage and throw away the paper.

There are other stylus/pen devices that use special paper with tiny dots on it that the pens use to calculate their position for transcription to digital. The Surface Pro has a special stylus that works great for handwritten notes - but the Surface Pro is also over my budget for a personal device.

The "Phree" pen is currently in Kickstarter (at about 10X their goal) and claims to be the "world's first unrestricted, high resolution, write-virtually-anywhere input device."

The Phree form factor is that of a pen. It allows you to take digital notes as you write them (or paper, your pant leg, dashboard, your hand, etc.) You can use it for handwriting to text transcription, as a Bluetooth mouse, you can even receive, write and send text messages from the display on the device. You can use it to dial your phone by simply writing down the number you want to dial (I'm not sure how much I'd actually use this feature other than in demonstrations....)

It uses a highly accurate and precise sensor to detect your hand writing and you can "write" on virtually any surface. They list compatibility with a number of apps (Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, etc.)

It uses a wireless charging case (at additional cost) that works with a wireless charging pad (not included.)

The Kickstarter early-adopter pricing is $168 without a case and $219 with the charging case. They're planning to ship in March of 2016.

See Kickstarter for more info. 

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