Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Personal radar

Yesterday’s post about Google IO mentioned a new technology from the Google ATAP group (Advanced Technology and Products) called Soli. I thought I’d take a few minutes and outline this interesting technology.

Soli is a radar emitter/detector system that sees and interprets hand and finger motions. It is a very small (smaller than a dime) and is designed to be included in smartphones, tablets, PCs, Internet of Things, etc. It is very precise due to its high sampling rate (at 10,000 frames per second) and processing power included on the chip.

During prototyping the device started out the size of a pizza box, and has since been drastically miniaturized to the point that it could be included in smartphones and other consumer products.

It should be available to developers later this year.

Here’s a video demo that shows how it works at a high level. https://youtu.be/0QNiZfSsPc0


  1. I got one of these to play with
    The output is pretty low so you need some sort of instrumentation amplifier. I haven't hooked it up, other than powering it and looking at the output on a scope.
    It's similar to the sensor used in the Mattel Radar gun that everyone hacks.

  2. Cool - I'd be interested in what you do with it. I'll likely sign up for a Soli when they become available.