Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wearable environmental monitor

We’re getting used to wearable computers – things like the Pebble Watch, the Apple Watch, FitBit, etc.

Wearables continue to evolve and one of the newest iterations is the TZOA environmental monitor wearable.

It has 5 sensors to monitor the environment wherever you go:
· Air Quality (particulate matter – 2.5um and 10um)
· Ultraviolet light exposure
· Visible Light
· Humidity
· Temperature

These are monitored real time and the sensor data is uploaded to your smartphone via Bluetooth for reporting and analysis. It’s small (it clips on to your shirt or jacket) and rechargeable.

The information obtained from the TZOA is aggregated by geography, so if many people are using them in one area, you can get an idea of the pollution at different places and times.

They’re currently in Indigogo funding and the earlybird pricing is $119 (retail looks like it will be $139.)

As these devices become smaller and cheaper, they might be used to monitor environmental conditions in and around the plant or office.

Visit TZOA for more information.

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