Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Windows 10 update

The latest update to the Windows 10 preview is out, Build 10158, with a couple of improvements in addition to the usual bug fixes.

Microsoft Edge:
  • Favorites import from other browsers
  • Home button
  • Password manager with auto-fill and form-fill
  • Drag and drop tabs to a new window
  • Audio works with hidden tabs or minimized tabs
  • Better tablet-mode animations
  • Better support for desktop applications and “modern” apps
  • Swipe up to view All Apps
  • Click a letter heading in All Apps to view a jump grid (like Windows Phone)
  • Flight and package tracking alerts
  • Voice-email now works
  • Office 365 integration features (not in the consumer version I’m using.
Snipping tool and Photos app updated
Surface 3:
  • Works with Windows 10 (previous build had some problems)
  • Better battery life
Windows 10 should be available to the public on July 29.

I've loaded it on a couple of different platforms (a Lenovo touchscreen laptop, an old Dell E6420 and on a Mac Mini running Parallels) and it seems to work fine. 

If you're a Windows 8.1 user, I think you'll like it - Windows 10 is what 8.1 should have been...

See the update from Microsoft for more details:

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