Monday, June 29, 2015

Cellulose recycling into 3D materials

Umeå University researchers in Sweden are working on turning cellulose waste material into raw materials for 3D printing - things like doors, frames, walls and, ultimately, complete homes.

Working with Sliperiet, a research coordinator that has just received €1.9 million from the EU, they're developing a regional center for sustainable building.

Along with other researchers in Sweden, they are working on technology to turn scrap wood into building materials - it's a way to recycle carbon from the scrap that would otherwise end up in the atmosphere.

While this work is in the early stages there are already some 3D printer "wood/polymer" products (Laywoo-D3, for example) being used to create wood-like objects that can be shaped, sanded and milled like wood.

This is an exciting time in materials science with new products emerging every month.

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