Monday, December 17, 2012

Caller ID Project - part eight

Testing is complete - works great.  I've created a shortcut on my iPad so that whenever the phone rings, I can immediately go to the web page to see who's calling.  The only thing that would be better would be for it to send me an immediate text message - I'll put that on the enhancement list.

Regarding a metal chassis for the project - since it uses a wireless connection to my network, I can't really encase the project in metal... (Duh...)  so I'll put the modem and RPi in a plastic box with power and phone jacks on one side. 

Also, I've decided not to include the LCD display.  Since the output is available to any browser on the network and since it's likely to be hidden behind a cabinet somewhere close to an otherwise unused phone jack, it just doesn't make sense.  Also, the LCD display (the one I was testing with) is an energy hog. Less heat, fewer parts -> more reliability.

plastic project box

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