Monday, December 10, 2012

Caller ID Project - part four

So... What have I learned so far in this project?
  • How to use Xcode IDE to code up a C program
  • Installing and using GCC on the Mac
  • Communicating to a USB modem from a C application
  • The format of Caller ID messages
  • How to serve web pages on the Raspberry Pi
I found an LCD app for the Raspberry Pi written in C (by Phil Bambridge, of Bristol) so I've got something to hack for this application.  Thanks Phil!!

The app ran over night and all day today on the RPi without crashing - serving web pages, displaying caller ID's of a dozen callers and generally behaving, so I'd say the unit test is a "pass".

I've been using SSH to communicate with the RPi, editing and compiling in vi in the SSH window.  I only had to make two minor changes to the code when moving to the Raspberry Pi: change the name of the USB Modem and the path to the web page.  I had thought about building a cross compiling environment for this work, but the performance of the RPi just isn't that bad...

Good project so far!

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