Saturday, December 15, 2012

Caller ID Project - part seven

Above is a screen print of the Caller ID web page 
produced by the app.
The integration test went well - a couple of days reporting various caller ID's with no problems.  This morning I made some minor code changes - did some cleanup and comment editing.  I then added code to start the app when the Raspberry Pi boots.  Thanks to Martin O'Hanlon for his post in StuffAboutCode that explains starting up a user app at boot time.

The app starts at init.d time.  The debugging output goes to the console and the Caller ID goes to the web and the LCD.  Very handy.

Here's an example of a portable digital TV I built into a 
lunchbox a couple of years ago.

I'm thinking about putting the whole thing in a metal tin just to "dress it up".

Metal tins and metal lunchboxes make great electronics projects boxes:  they're very easy to cut, they shield the contents and keep them from emitting lots of noisy RF.

Now on to wiring it up!

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