Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Next project: A Home PBX

Telephony has come a long way.

It used to be that a PBX cost thousands of dollars and required staff to set up and manage it.

Now, all it takes is a PC, a connection to an ISP and a SIP service provider (along with some free software) and you're up and running.

Right...  That's all it takes...  Should be a half-hour's work...

OK - I've heard this kind of thing before - and I've learned that whenever someone starts a sentence with "It's really very easy. All you have to do is...", they've:
    A.) overestimated my ability;
    B.) read about it but have never actually done it;
    C.) already mastered the subject in question and forgotten what it's like starting at the beginning.

I'll be starting this project using an easy-to-use version of Asterisk (PIAF) on an old PC running CentOS (a version of Linux) and reporting on my progress here.

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