Thursday, December 6, 2012

The State of the Internet

Mary Meeker, venture capitalist and Kleiner Perkins partner, released an updated version of her "Internet Trends" report this week.  Here's a link to the slides.

Here are some highlights:
Though still in the early stages, mobile and tablets e-commerce impact is rising rapidly: Black Friday online shopping attributed to  mobile devices rose to 24 percent this year and iOS users out-bought Android users 4:1. 29% of US adults own a tablet/e-reader.

Big data users like Facebook and Amazon have collected lots of data from consumers, but big data is still the “Wild West". The amount of global consumer digital data grew by a factor of nine from 2006 to 2011. Personal devices like wearable computers could be a huge future source of data. An explosion in WiFi connected devices is expected, increasing the big data pool (the Internet of Things.) "[The] magnitude of upcoming change will be stunning - we're still in 'spring training'".

The 20-something demographic is cutting back on “asset-heavy” computing - they're storing music and files in the cloud instead of large hard-drives and credit cards and ID's on their smartphones. Online/cloud services make them more efficient creating an “asset-light” generation. "You can walk out your door with the clothes on your back, a charged mobile device, cash in the 'bank' and happily go a very long way..."

Areas open for exploitation include the wallet (too many credit cards, coupons, ID's, etc.), healthcare and education, where spending is high with highly variable results.

Fascinating report.

What can you do to exploit these trends, in your business or your personal life?

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