Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An e-ink option for your iPhone

In a previous blog, I mentioned the Yotaphone, a Russian smartphone with two screens: the typical energy-hungry color front screen and, on the back, a power-saving e-ink screen. 

Here’s an option called PopSLATE that provides similar functionality in a case for your iPhone. The idea is that there is content that you might want to have constantly in front of you but you don’t want your phone eating your battery. E-ink is great for that; once the image is put on the screen it takes no energy to keep it there indefinitely. This could be useful for things like calendars, to-do lists, maps, boarding passes, etc. It connects to the phone using Bluetooth and can go a week between charges.

This isn't quite as useful as an e-ink display that is integrated into the operating system, but I think it might be useful for travelers. It’s available for iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s for pre-order at $129 (March delivery.)

I saw a similar case at CES from Oaxis, but theirs was just a mock-up (coming soon.) In any case, it looks like there may be enough interest in this sort of thing for some competition. It would be great if Apple made one...

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