Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Conference room video

At home, solutions like Apple TV and Google Chromecast provide a way to display the contents of your tablet, Mac or PC onto your big screen TV. 

At work, it's a bit more challenging. Some shops use the once-ubiquitous VGA cable to connect PC's to projectors or big-screen monitors. But, today, there are at least a half dozen popular wired interfaces that you'd need to support (DVI, micro-display port, HDMI, USB, VGA, etc.) And that means stringing a lot of wire, keeping a collection of adapters in the room and only having one user present at a time.

If you want to go wireless, different software protocols make it challenging to display content from different sources and some of the products use protocols that don't play well with corporate networking standards.

At work, we've looked at a number of different devices to do this, but they've all been either cumbersome to use or expensive to buy, configure and maintain. 

Recently, our video architect, found a product that provides the ability we've been looking for.

It's called Kramer VIA Connect. It provides wireless display capability to Mac's, PC's, iOS devices and Android devices.  Up to 4 screens at a time can be displayed on one monitor using wired or WiFi connections. 1080p streaming is supported and the contents of the stream are encrypted. It also provides for collaborative annotation using a touchscreen, and allows file sharing and desktop takeover as well.

Priced under $1000 they're much less expensive than some of the previous in-room solutions we've looked at. I'm still waiting for a demo, but when I've seen one, I'll report back here.

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