Friday, February 27, 2015

Clip 2 "life-logger" camera

​Earlier this year, Narrative announced the next version of their Clip 2 wearable camera. It’s basically a “life logger” that takes a photograph every 30 seconds. 

Clip 2 can connect to WiF​​​i and Bluetooth to automatically upload​clip.jpg it’s pictures. Or you can locally store them and view/manage them with your phone using Bluetooth.

This version has an 8MP, 90-degree lens with better low-light sensitivity. Works with iOS, Android and a desktop app. It’ll be priced at $199 (when it ships, later this year.)

It might be valuable for logging trips or other highly visual tasks to help jog your memory after the fact - perhaps useful for memory impaired people. Be aware, however, that this would violate Owens Corning’s camera policy and could result in intellectual property leakage.

These kinds of devices are becoming more and more common with police and emergency personnel. And cameras like the GoPro are popular in the action/sporting community. This trend is likely to accelerate.

These kinds of things could be used in business by security or maintenance personnel to record their “rounds”, or auditors to capture physical audit information.

Have you used something like this? ​​Your thoughts?

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