Thursday, February 5, 2015

Streaming video for enterprises

One of the problems with streaming devices like Apple TV, Chromecast and others is that they’re designed for the home user, without some of the features that would make them more valuable at work.

Airtame‘s HDMI streaming dongle is described as the enterprise version of Chromecast – it works with multiple platforms and can be controlled from a single console (for digital media distribution, etc.)

The need for this kind of device is obvious to anyone putting conference rooms together. There are at least a half dozen types of wired connectors involved and competing software versions of similar products.

In addition to making corporate video displays more wireless, you can stream the same content to multiple devices – say for hallway digital media displays.

The competition in this space is very expensive (in the thousands of dollars per unit) so a $150 solution would be a welcome addition to this space.

I've got one on order and will blog about it after I've had a chance to use it.

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