Friday, May 8, 2015

File under "huge storage option"...

Sandisk recently announced a huge flash memory array, InfiniFlash

It’s half a Petabyte (that’s half a million Gigabytes) in a 3U (17” X 5” X 25”) rack mount storage array. Because it uses flash memory - the same kind of memory used in USB thumbdrives – it’s very fast at about 50X the performance of hard disks. It’s low power as well consuming 80% less power than rotating media.

You won't likely be using one of these in your server rack at home - the cost of the array is about $1M – but that’s only $2/Gig which is actually pretty cheap for the speed and performance. (It's less than $1/Gig using  the included compression and de-duplication software.)

Here's a link to a short promo video (which also includes some flash.):

Their target market is big data rather than transaction processing systems.

Seems like only yesterday when a Terabyte of storage cost this much...

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