Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Throwback Tuesday - Light Phone

Here’s a bit of “new” technology that harkens back to the days when phones were just, well... phones. 

It’s called Light Phone and it looks like it will be really easy to use – you can only use it to make and receive calls. No messaging, no camera, no facebook.  

It’ll be about the size of a credit card (2” X 3” X 1/8”, 1.3 oz) and will use a dot-matrix LED display. It’s a pre-paid phone, preloaded with minutes so it might be useful as an emergency phone (20 days on standby) or a child’s first phone. You can also connect it to your existing phone (though I'm not sure exactly why you would want to do this... maybe to reduce the distractions associated with a smartphone?) Its only concession to modern phones is a 10 number speed-dial. 

It looks similar to John’s Phone, launched a couple of years ago, but maybe a little cheaper. 

It’s currently in Kickstarter funding, expected to ship in 2016 for about $100. 

Would you find value in a phone like this?

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