Friday, May 15, 2015

Less is more - Plastc credit card replacement

I saw a prototype of the Plastc "card" at CES earlier this year and now that it’s getting ready to ship, I thought you might be interested in some details. 

Plastc is an electronic “card” that replaces all your physical cards – bank cards, credit cards, membership/rewards cards, library cards... (up to 20 of your cards can be stored.) It works just like a regular card: card readers can read it, bar code readers can read it. They’ll be adding Chip and near-field apps after launch - as these new features become available, you can update your card from your phone.

It uses an e-ink display, so it has long battery life (30 days on a charge.) You can add an image of your signature and a PIN for added security - you enter the PIN on the built-in touchscreen. It also has a digital photo ID, a proximity alert on your phone (so you won’t leave it on the table after you’ve paid for dinner) and a remote wipe feature in case you do actually lose it; after a user-selectable period away from your phone it will wipe itself. 

It comes with a card reader to transfer your current card info into it and a wireless charging mat. 

I think this would be very handy for the frequent traveler, but it’s rather expensive at $155. Currently available for pre-order, shipping this summer.

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