Monday, May 4, 2015

Windows 10 update

Windows 10 is showing up everywhere.

I've loaded it on a Lenovo laptop, a Nokia 1020 phone and a Raspberry Pi (the Windows 10 IoT core).*

Microsoft's plan is to have the same user experience whether you’re using a Surface tablet or a phone. All the software should work alike – I saw a demo where the user hooked up an external Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and external monitor and ran Outlook on the big screen from his phone. It looked just like the PC version. Even with the betaesque version of Windows 10, I can see the potential.

Notifications should be able to span devices as well – when you clear a notification on the phone, it disappears from the desktop. Cloud based storage means that you’ll be able to access all the same files from your desktop or your phone. Even Settings looks the same across devices. Microsoft Edge works the same (this is their browser replacement for Internet Explorer.)

Windows 10 will be available for phones “later this year” and any phone running 8.1 should be able to upgrade to 10 at no charge.

As I mentioned, I've also loaded Windows 10 IoT Core on a Raspberry Pi - it's a stripped down version of Windows 10 that will be used for robotics and Internet of Things apps. In order to do anything useful with it I need a PC running Windows 10, so I’m currently attempting to load Windows 10 on a Mac Mini (using Parallels.) I’ll let you know how that turns out… 

Have you loaded Windows 10 on any of your devices? What are your impressions?

*I'm a Mac user, but since Windows will likely continue to be the business desktop OS of choice for many years, I need to keep up!

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