Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chrome and the Physical Web

​I use Chrome for most browsing on Macs and PCs, it’s relatively fast, doesn’t have a lot of fluff and works well with Google tools. But I haven't used it a lot on iOS devices. This may change.

Google just released version 44 of its iOS browser to support the Physical Web standard that connects smart devices directly to Chrome (this feature has been available in Android for some time.) 

How would it work? A bus stop might send a URL directly to Chrome’s Today widget to tell you when the next bus is scheduled to arrive or to make a payment. Or, you could pay vending machines or parking meters using Chrome.

This release of Chrome also provides a new swipe feature to go forward and backward in browsing history.

As more and more devices come on line, they need a way to communicate quickly and easily in order to be used effectively. Google Physical Web could help.

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