Monday, July 20, 2015

Tiny smartphone printer

Here’s an odd but interesting little device. It’s a tiny printer called droPrinter that you can use to print from your smartphone.

The printer automatically pairs with your phone and allows you to “screen print” anything on your smartphone screen, iOS or Android. It’s rechargeable and will print continuously for 7 hours (5 days in standby.) The droPrinter uses thermal paper – the kind you use on a printing calculator - so there's no ink to deal with. And it’s small – about the size of a smartphone, but considerably thicker (see picture.)

Good for printing grocery lists, to-do lists, theater tickets, etc. 

It’s a fully funded Kickstarter project and should be available spring 2016 for around $100 ($50 Kickstarter pre-sale.)

How would you use this device?

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