Monday, July 6, 2015

iOS 8.4 upgrade

I'm an early adopter - when a new release of an operating system comes out, I upgrade pretty quickly. I've been burned a couple of times, but I usually have more than one way to get things done and serious problems usually get fixed pretty quickly.

Last week I upgraded to iOS 8.4 and it was painless. It was pretty fast and I've done it on 5 iOS devices without a glitch (so far.) But, like I always say, unless you're willing to risk some problems, I'd recommend waiting a couple of weeks just to see if other people report problems you can't live with - I've read about people having GPS problems after the upgrade. I haven't noticed this, but I don't use GPS a lot.

There's an Apple iBook with lots more info on 8.4: 

Here's a brief on Apple Music, included with iOS 8.4, highlighting the features: 

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