Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Windows 10 - gonna do it?

Windows 10 is being released today and if you’ve already reserved a copy, you may be able to install it today (if the Microsoft servers aren’t too busy.)

Why Windows 10?
Here are some of the new features:
- “Metro” apps (now called “Universal” apps) run in windows on the desktop, just like any other app
- Universal apps can run on a W10 phone, Xbox and HoloLens
- No more “charm bar” – now you get an “Action Center” 
- Edge Browser – faster, smaller, leaner than Internet Explorer (IE is still included for compatibility.)
- Performance improvements and easier upgrades
- OneDrive is better integrated
- Security improvements (Windows Hello facial recognition – only works with a new 3D infrared camera.)
- User interface improvments (works well on desktops & tablets)
- Cortana personal assistant
- Cut and paste now works the way it should in a CMD window
- Virtual desktops to separate different types of work
- Scheduled updates/restarts
- Faster 3D rendering

Why not?
If you’re happy with Windows 7, you’ve got a year to upgrade for free. Why not wait until the bugs are shaken out of Windows 10? Also, it’s likely that you’ll have a better upgrade experience if you wait until the initial crush is over…

Are you planning to upgrade? Are you already running Windows 10? What's your take?


  1. We received Windows 8.1 when we had to replace a laptop. We have never figured out how to work with two different types of desktop paradigms. As long as 10 is not awful, it has to be better than that.

    Ron Sanderson

    Ron Sanderson

  2. I agree - it was tough to just get anything done - with 8.1, I pretty much ignored the "Metro" apps and the "Start Screen" and just used the Desktop.

    Windows 10 is really what 8.1 should have been...