Friday, July 10, 2015

iOS 9 Beta

Here are some notes on the iOS 9 Beta released yesterday.

If you’re using it, please comment with your impressions. If you’re considering it, I’d recommend installing it on a secondary device – not one you use every day. Here’s a how-to:

Home Button
Double tap home button shows the new app switcher. You get a layered set of “cards”, one for each app that’s open on your device in order by last used.

Keyboard enhancements
The keyboard has dedicated cut and paste buttons – swiping two fingers give you more accurate cursor placement (rather than the touch-and-hold-for-a-while method.)

News reader
Not much info on this new app – sounds like Feedly or Flipbook.

They’ve added public transit maps for several major cities.

Windowed apps
On some models of iPad a swipe from the right edge brings up a “Slide Over” menu – you’ll get a list of Apple apps that you can window. For example if you want to check a map while reading an email just slide and pick. (Currently this works on Air, Air 2, Mini 2 and Mini 3 devices.)

Settings search
Helps find things in Settings.

Context awareness
On the home screen you can left swipe to get a search screen that offers different options, depending on what you’re doing. It apparently monitors your routine to try to predict what it is you’re looking for. Siri is also a bit more context aware.

Power-save mode (iPhone only)
Drops some power hungry apps into low-power mode to get you more time before recharging.

Notes update
You can now draw in Notes, store checklists and photos. Great for back-of-an-envelope drawing - without the envelope…

Your favorite new features?

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