Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stand-alone barcode scanner

There are loads of barcode scanner apps available for your smartphone – you take a picture of the barcode and the phone gives you information about the cost and where to buy it. Some even help you build shopping lists.

Hiku provides similar functionality, but it’s a dedicated device that scans barcodes and then adds the item to a shopping list in the cloud. When you’re getting low on milk, scan the barcode on the carton and milk will be added to your shopping list - which is available to your smartphone when you go shopping. If you run out of something that doesn’t have a bar code, just speak into the device.

It’s rechargeable and works for ~2 months on a charge and uses WiFi to connect to the cloud. It’s also magnetic so you can stick it to the side of your refrigerator. About $80.

As embedded controllers get cheaper and smaller, expect to see more single-purpose devices like this.

For more information: http://hiku.us

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